…like a vampire sorceress scorned

It had been 14 days since a caravan had come up the Silk and Steel road. We were running out of salt and powdered griffin bone for the wards, and the Sultana knew it. If nothing changed, her undead forces would soon come over the walls of Jheren. The inhabitants would be slaughtered.

And I? If she was merciful, she would kill me, her former lover. If she wasn’t, she’d subject me to the painful process she had undergone, putting me into a monstrance, and transforming me into something like her, and bound to her.

I hoped for death. But I would not receive it.

Hell hath no fury like a vampire sorceress scorned.

The McKenna Test

You’ve all heard of the Bechdel Test at this point, regarding two women having a conversation in a movie about something other than a man.

Mike Underwood proposed a test for lists of books and women writers as follows:

“Do we have a Bechdel Test analogue for Recommendation Lists? Where if you don’t have at >25% works by women and >25% PoC, you fail?”

In recognition of her efforts in getting bookstores like Waterstones to have more women writers on their tables, I propose to call this The McKenna Test.

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