Ave Atque Vale, SF Signal

So you have heard the news by now. SF Signal, one of the premier Science Fiction websites, is closing down after twelve years.

I will miss it, not least because I was part of it for its last five years of its run. In April 2011, I stepped out onto the SF Signal stage with a review of THE FALLEN BLADE by Jon Courtnay Grimwood. More
than three hundred reviews, articles, and Mind Melds later, I closed out the Mind Meld feature with the last mind meld, on Weapons in SF/F.. In between, I talked about everything from books to Silk Road Fantasy, to my Roll Perception
Plus Awareness column on roleplaying games in genre.

As Andrea said on her own goodbye post , I Blossomed at SF Signal. Where that portion
of my work will go, I don’t know. In the meantime, I am a co host on Skiffy and Fanty, and a member of SFF Audio. SF Signal may have passed Into the West, but its legacy,
and what I learned there, will live on.

Ave Atque Vale, SF Signal.

Macro Monday: Moss

One of the fun things about the macro lens, like a magnifying glass, in that it produces images of the small, sometimes producing miniature worlds you never suspected existed.

There is a clump of moss on the culvert of the drain right outside my patio door. From afar, its a clump of green. Up close…


Photography Print Sale April 2016

You like my photography.

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20160326-100 mm001

Kawishiwi Falls, Iron Range, Minnesota

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More photos for sale here:


Treating people with Respect, or Not

On his blog, John C Wright talks about Political Correctness and courtesy in regards to transsexuals.

Demanding Discourtesy in Courtesy’s Name

I am not going to fisk the entire thing, because I might be accused of the evil horror of quoting his post. But I am going to respond to the spirit of this post. The spirit of John’s post, as I read it is that transsexual persons have no right to be treated as they wish to be treated, because in the end they aren’t “really” the gender they identify with, as opposed to the gender they were born with. John sees a duty that speaking the truth about a person’s nature trumps the desire of a transsexual person to be identified as the gender they identify with.

So, I suppose treating people with respect and in the way they wish to be treated is less of a social good than speaking the truth of their biological nature. I am sorry, John, I don’t buy it. There are people who, by accident of birth and biology, who have gender signals which are at best confused. Don’t they deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness–and if that happiness means that they identify with the opposite gender, shouldn’t they be allowed to do so, and be treated as such? Do unto others, as they would have done unto you?

Call it political correctness if you wish. I just think treating people as they want to be treated is a good thing. I have a friend who is asexual, and it pains me to get the pronouns wrong in addressing said friend. Why? Because I want to treat them with respect. Because I want to be treated with respect, myself, in turn.

Oh, and as far as “They” as a singular pronoun, the idea goes back over a century, John.

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