If only…
I wish I could have gone to Worldcon this year. Deb is going to be there, as well as a host of favorite SF writers.
C’est la vie.
A list here from Teresa Nielsen Hayden on what panels she is on just makes me drool. Even more so because I know there are several times more interesting things at Worldcon. The Hugo Award Ceremony, the Sidewise Awards…the dealers room(s)…
Ah well. Now with a stable job, it might be a more doable proposition (especially if Minneapolis one day tries to get the bid again).

Perhaps the Press is waking up

The local paper, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, has a wonderful editorial from editor Jim Boyd.
Money quote:

We are in the middle of an important national event: the real-time confrontation of a political smear. In previous elections, the examination has almost always been in retrospect. Now the smear, against John Kerry’s military service, is being critically examined as it happens. Vigilance is required, and a little courage.
This is not about who is elected, but about how we allow this campaign to unfold, especially on our pages. I am sick to death of being played for a chump by the likes of Karl Rove. America can definitely do better.

Go read it all. Seriously. At the Star Tribune
If you are a Republican, I ask you this…are you so ideologically besotted that you condone what Rove, the Swift Boats for Truth, etal are trying to do to Kerry?
Is winning so important to you?
Is George W. Bush worth it?

The Car Bug

I must be hit by the car ownership bug after all.
Because, I look at a picture of a car like this one mentioned at Sadly No and I look at the car with unfeigned lust.
Mind you, I still appreciate the reading time on the express bus 😉 This car, though, would be absolutely cool to own.

Alan Keyes: “I’m running, so you won’t have to”

Alan Keyes, former candidate for the Republican nomination for President, talk show host and otherwise crank, is taking on Obama for a vacant Senate seat in Illinois.
Never mind that he doesn’t live in Illinois and he criticized Hillary Clinton for running for Senate in NY just after getting there.
No, what is wacky is that Alan Keyes is running for the Senate seat…and believes we should repeal the 17th Amendment
Which one is that? That’s the one which provides for the direct election of Senators. (rather than being chosen by the State Legislatures)
Alan Keyes…running for Senate, so you won’t have to.

Not a Parody of Conservatism

Pandragon alerts us to this children’s book about two kids trying to open a lemonade stand…and being foiled by the evils of Liberalism. The description of what the government does to this kids in this book has to be read to be believed. I can’t reproduce it here, the electrons of BJS might go haywire.
Do the people who run World Net Daily really feel that non-Conservatives act this way while in power? Do they really really expect parents to read their 11 year olds this book??

Sarah Bear on the Singularity

I don’t normally link into the LJ communities, since in a real sense I consider them a closed and seperate ecosystem. Layers of friends and filters and stuff give it much more of a gated community sort of feel to posting.
But, anyway, Sarah Bear, a friend of mine, gamer, and forthcoming author of her first novels, has a wonderful LJ entry on her thoughts about the
Vingean Singularity
Go read it.
I won’t bug you just yet to buy her first novel Hammered…but it is coming out this Winter.