Monday Mashup: Spiderman

Ah,a Mashup I am more familiar with. The last one I had no clue what to do with it, and so I didn’t try.
Spiderman, now he I can do.

I agree with Bryant that using Supers is a bit of cheating…so I won’t.
Instead, I am going to run with Feng Shui and have the PCs slowly grow into their abilities as they realize they can be more than the ordinary. I’d restrict them to starting templates which are modern day (no 1st century sorcerers, ghosts or futuristic robots).
Feng Shui to me is very much like “Big Trouble in Little China” writ large, with an additional theme that the characters really can be competent and do some good and not just blunder through. They might not be the big boys, once they meet some of the larger problems out there, but they can deal with their niche, and do more than they imagined.
With great power comes great responsibility. Once they have control or aegis over a minor feng shui site or two, get some good shticks…

One thought on “Monday Mashup: Spiderman”

  1. I admit the Richard Thompson one was horrendously self-indulgent. Shame on me, but sometimes the ideas just want to get out.

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