ACUS/TBR Game Idea

Inspired by Mel and a post in a game we are currently in together.
The situation:
The teenaged PCs have just gotten back to the castle after running into something very nasty, and very dangerous…that shouldn’t be anywhere near Arden.

Harri was frowning.
“They could be left over from the Black Road,” she said thoughtfully. “If a gravid female had hidden out in Arden, she might have spent the time in some remote part of Arden rearing her clutch. It’s awfully hard to know everything in a forest, even if you are very, very good.”
She gave a little sigh. “Me ‘n’ Wolf know that … “‘

A game idea in the making!
There are several possibilities and sub possibilities.
A. The PCs are Rangers in Julian’s service (lower powered, of course.)
B. The PCs are youngers who live in and about Amber
And within each of those…
1. Set it during the Gerard Regency. Gerard rules Amber, there aren’t many elders around to DO things, Gerard sends the PCs to investigate tales of things happening at the borders of Arden. (Or, alternatively, whoever rules Arden while Julian is gone sends the PC Rangers to go and check it out)
2. Set it after The Return. The PCs went off to war with their parents, and have come back to a new and improved Amber. One of Random’s first headaches are tales of new problems in and about Arden.
If the PCs are Rangers–Julian sends them out to deal with the situation.
If the Pcs are Amberites–Julian doesn’t want help (its HIS forest) but Random isn’t going to let this fester and he has to, like it or not, look Monarchial. The Pcs are drafted to go into Arden, perhaps without much help from its Lord…

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