Game Dream 6: The Con Game

This Game Dream from Doc deals with Conventions:
Have you attended a game or media (i.e. comic book / SF) convention? If not, what’s kept you from doing so? If so, how was your experience, and what can you share with others to nudge their decision one way or the other?

My first con was a Star Trek convention, that I attended with my brother (who sometimes comments here as “Sneakel”). That was at the Ambassador Hotel in NYC. I still remember it, since running to the bathroom and using the stairs, I had a close encounter with George Takei (one of the two GOH, along with Marina Sirtis).
Lots of fun, that one.
My first Ambercon was, curiously enough, the same year as Arref’s. That was the year two friends and I drove from Northern NJ to Pittsburgh to meet Arref and his wife, and then we travelled together to Detroit.
Nervous? Confused? Shy? Yes to all three–just ask people like Liz. But did I have fun? Yes, oh yes.
Several years later, I decided that if I could GM FTF games and PBEM games, why couldn’t I do it at ACUS? And so in 2000, I GMed at ACUS for the first time, nervous as all out.
I had even more fun. At subsequent ACUS conventions, I’ve GMed as well as played. I joined a continuing campaign (Rites of Passage) and even had a Trilogy of my own linked games (Ad Amber Per Astra).
This year, I expanded from going to ACUS to going to the wonderful The Black Road, hosted by Deb and Jenn. I GMed 3 out of 5 slots, and met new people in a intimate and fun setting. Money willing, I WILL be back.
ACUS conventions have been great for meeting and connecting with people I normally only see via their words.