The outrageous cost of College

Via Brad De Long…
Tom Ridge, Homeland Security Director is stepping down.
No, not to spend more time with his family
It’s so he can put his two children through college–he needs a job that makes more money in the private sector.
And how much does he make now, that he is crying College Cost Poverty?
Isn’t there a better way? Really? When Tom Ridge can’t pay for his children’s education on a nice high governmental position salary, isn’t that a canary in the coal mine that College tuition has reached the cliffs of insanity?
Do we want only the wealthy to have a college education? Is Plutocracy what we truly want in the country?

3 thoughts on “The outrageous cost of College”

  1. You can to go Mason for about 4-5 grand a year. It’s a good school, with great programs.
    Mr. College up there is probably thinking Ivy, where you pay for prestige.

  2. My first semester is costing a $1,008 before books. Not ridiculous for 12 credits. Of course it’s a community college but one with an extremely good reputation. It will be rather interesting to contrast and compare my classes with my BiL who is going to Georgetown in the fall.
    Also,I have discovered that it’s the middle class who are truly struggling to pay for college. They make too much for financial aid and not enough to cover the costs. In Tom Ridge’s case he has a huge mortgage payment and other expenses and yes, he probably is looking at high end schools.

  3. Although I know the definition of the word, I can’t help but look at it and see ‘pluto’-‘cracy’, a government run by a mouse’s dog.

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