Minnesota Public Radio

Recently, as a side effect of getting the job at the Federal Reserve, I became a member of Minnesota Public Radio (part of the NPR family)

MPR/NPR has become one of the two primary radio stations that I listen to. The other day, I finally got my membership booklet, which includes a listing of all the member MPR stations. Thus, no matter where I am in the North Star State, I can tune in as I choose.
Not that this is usually a problem because the Twin Cities station’s reach is pretty long. I remember on a trip up to Grand Rapids that I was able to pick it up pretty far away from the Twin Cities before I had to hunt for a stronger signal
What I find interesting in this list, though, that in addition to the in-state stations, there are four Minnesota Public Radio stations out of state.
Sioux Falls, SD makes some sense since South Dakota is a nearby station. Ditto for Decorah, Iowa.
But in addition to those..there is a Minnesota (not just National) Public Radio station in Houghton, Michigan…and even further away from Minnesota, one in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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  1. Houghton, where I spent a year for school, is closer to MN than you think – and there is nothing but water between the broadcast station and the mainland.

  2. I was a member of my local NPR affiliate…until they kept sending me stuff. I don’t mind all of the reminders. I minded all of the credit card offers, the unnecessary mail, the wasted paper…

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