Perhaps the Press is waking up

The local paper, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, has a wonderful editorial from editor Jim Boyd.
Money quote:

We are in the middle of an important national event: the real-time confrontation of a political smear. In previous elections, the examination has almost always been in retrospect. Now the smear, against John Kerry’s military service, is being critically examined as it happens. Vigilance is required, and a little courage.
This is not about who is elected, but about how we allow this campaign to unfold, especially on our pages. I am sick to death of being played for a chump by the likes of Karl Rove. America can definitely do better.

Go read it all. Seriously. At the Star Tribune
If you are a Republican, I ask you this…are you so ideologically besotted that you condone what Rove, the Swift Boats for Truth, etal are trying to do to Kerry?
Is winning so important to you?
Is George W. Bush worth it?

2 thoughts on “Perhaps the Press is waking up”

  1. Unlike my Bro, I have been a long time Republican, ever since R. Reagan. I was in the military and he made darn sure we got wage increases, and equiptment upgrades.
    I was a Republican when I served in Desert Storm. George Bush the Elder did the right thing kicking Saddam out of Kuwait then. Perhaps we should have continued into Bagdad while the road was open back then, but that is hindsight.
    I was a Republican when I watched Clinton look at a congressional grand jury panel and say with a straight face …
    “Depends on what your definition if IS, is.”
    I think little George did the right thing by going into Afghanistan hunting for the Talaban, and Osama. But since then, it has been one major mistake after another. Time For junior to move on.

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