Rumble in the Northwest

No, this is not about Kerry versus Bush in Battleground states.
Remember Mt. St. Helens? It seems the shattered remnants of the volcano which took everyone by surprise by erupting in 1980 is stirring once more.
Volcanoes are dangerous beasts. While I prefer to see and learn about Glaciers, I *respect* the omnipresent danger of these beasts.
Besides, Mount Rainier, a place I want to visit very much one day, is both a Volcano AND a source of glaciers.

One thought on “Rumble in the Northwest”

  1. Not sure which would be worse… living in Florida with hurricanes or living within sight of an active volcano. Even if it’s only occasionally active, I have no desire to be part of a modern Pompeii.
    Of course, I’ve no desire to live in California and deal with earthquakes either. Or the midwest with tornados ripping off the roofs and tossing houses around.
    Guess I’ll be staying in the Northeast.

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