New Daily Newspaper in NYC

New Daily Newspaper in NYC debuted yesterday, under an old name.
Trivia buffs will recognize this as the name of the paper which has the famous letter to Santa Claus by a little girl named Virginia. That paper ceased publication in 1950. In an neat tip of their hat to history, though, the first issue of the Sun yesterday printed the “previous day’s crossword puzzle solution”–which was the solution to the puzzle from the last issue of that original Sun in 1950.
No real web presence as far as I can see, though, which is a pity. The style of the paper’s columns and text is definitely a type of voice not heard in New York in quite a while–it definitely has a unique character of its own.
The politics of the paper seem conservative thus far in choice of articles and editorials. I *think* they are trying for a “mature NY Post” in editorial tone, but time will tell.