Monte Cook’s review of The Source

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Monte Cook does a fairly decent job explaining why I am so very lucky up here in the Great White North in being close to The Source. I do think, though, that the Strategist in NY marginally has more stuff (more densely packed) but my fortune in living near a superb game store is definitely a big plus.

4 thoughts on “Monte Cook’s review of The Source”

  1. I dunno. Personally, I thought that The Source had more things than the Strat. At least, I was able to find things that I wanted there where I couldn’t at the Strat and when I COULD find them in both places, the prices were better at the Source.

  2. I dunno. I thought I found more of the obscure things that I was looking for at the Source than I did at the Strat. And for the things that I found in both places, I thought the Source had better prices. Not that I’m knocking the Strat – you know how much I love that place. But I DO thing the Source is even better.

  3. So does the Source have, sitting by the front door, the “Mom’s Chair” Mark XIV ?
    The first thing I ever purchsed in The Strat was the AD+D(2nd Ed) module Tegal’s Manor, way back during the Carter Administration.
    Damn. I think I am getting old.

  4. No, the Source doesn’t have anything like the Mom’s Chair. But it does have a pretty large gaming area in the back. Space is something the Source does have that the Strat lacks.

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