Vampire Movies must not be that popular

According to MSNBC, their list of highest grossing vampire movies is rather surprising…

Van Helsing has the highest grossing box office of any vampire movie? (and a relatively anemic $120 mil at that).
Interview’s 105 mil is pretty good since that was back in ’94. But this list is so poor that the excreable Queen of the Damned, at #10 , has grossed just $30 mil.
I think DVD and VCR rentals and showings are not reflected in these numbers. I refuse to believe that, if people were polled, that Van Helsing would be the highest rated Vampire movie ever, especially since it confuses Harpies with Female Vampires. (Those who saw the movie know exactly what I am talking about).

One thought on “Vampire Movies must not be that popular”

  1. Scary that ‘Queen of the Damned’ is even in the top ten.
    ‘Once Bitten’ not even listed.
    ‘Vampire Hunter D’
    ‘Fearless Vampire Killers’
    Modern theater prices distort these things so badly.

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