Evangelism, Jvstin Style? I’ve been

Evangelism, Jvstin Style?

I’ve been praised as an Evangelist of the Amber Community by Epoch, aka Michael Sullivan. (thanks to Arref for telling me this)
Strange, huh? Read it for yourself. Me, Arref, the Michigan Cabal, and Doyce are cited.
And here I have always thought of myself as a lightweight compared with the others. Maybe I am not such a small fish as I thought. Objective views of ones work can
reveal hidden depths, indeed.
Funny, though, one of my joking routines at work back when Joyce was my Boss involved a book we called “The Bible”–which was a huge compliation of stuff she had gathered over the years on procedures and info. Whenever she asked me to look something up, I would start doing a “sermon” bit, citing a fake chapter and verse.
Darn, this makes me feel good.