Another busy weekend…been having a

Another busy weekend…been having a lot of those as California draws nearer and nearer.
This weekend, for instance involved my mother’s birthday, and a trip to the Museum of Natural History to see five of my friends before I jump from
East to West Coast. It was a lot of fun, I will admit, and actually one of my friends (Elisa) is NOT part of my circle of gaming friends, and so had
never met the others and vice versa.
I will miss them all!
In other news, the first real review of the new Nobilis is out.
I want it! The game Mechanical Dream, also reviewed in that issue of Out of the Box, sounds intriguing as well. Sort of like Agone in its weird setting. But I really want the new version of Nobilis. I bet that I could do an email Nobilis game–and get a few players to try it.