Just haven’t had the time

Just haven’t had the time to Blog. Its the California and attendant stuff, I tell you. I have plenty that I might write about, but just don’t find the opportunity to do so.
For example, Bete Noire (http://alkime.org/mtfierce/letters/) is picking up steam,but now server issues are frustrating Meera. It’s too bad, because even in “pregame” all sorts of interesting things are afoot, even with my contribution, Tynan.
It was a nice day in the Big Apple, so I decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to say “goodbye” to it. It will be weird living in a place without the mega-museums I have grown up on.
Bought a couple of bookmarks…a circular celtic knot one that I already once had but had broken through over-use, and a straight hieroglyphic one. The hieroglyphics, interestingly, translate to “As a gift of eternity, in your hand, that you might be pleased with me.” It doesn’t have a clip or a tassel though, disappointingly, this is definitely not a commuters bookmark. Then again, the days of me reading books while riding subways are just about over, in six more days. I also finished Cetaganda today, by Bujold. Good, good stuff. I can’t wait for the GURPS book to finally be finished on the Vorkosigan world.