In an EMPIRE mood today.

In an EMPIRE mood today. The romance, intrigue and adventure of same. Not the Courts of Chaos…but a more Amberish Empire. Sort of like my idea (not detailed here yet) for Nine Princes in Byzantium. I think its an aftereffect of reading Cetaganda. Space Empire would work too–I also have an urge to pick up Faded Suns, which sounds like a game tailor made for me. (Byzantium meets Space Opera?!).
Perhaps after I recamp in California, I will explain my NPIB idea more fully. I still might yet sometime turn it into an Amber game–heck it could be the con campaign that I’ve sometimes dreamed of running. That, or the neglected Borders of Eternity idea. Given time and opportunity, I will talk about that, too.
5 days now until California.