Inspired by Recent Events #2: Orange Revolution

Even with other choices out there, such as the 49th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ brave action, I can’t ignore the 900 lb elephant of a recent event in the room for our second IRE.
No, I am referring to the putative Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, events unfolding and developing even as we speak. Revolutions can be rich fodder for game ideas, and in the chinese sense, “Interesting Times” for any PC.

Taking the Ukrainian revolution as a model, I think I would run a revolution in a d20 fantasy kingdom.
A fairly large kingdom is torn apart by two claimants to the throne, two cousins with a fairly equal claim to the purple seat. One of the cousins is from the east, and has strong relations with the kingdom’s powerful neighbor Empire to the East. The other cousin is much more aligned to the republics and city states to the west, and seems to be ostensibly more popular.
In the game world, though, its likely to turn into a civil war, unless the player characters can help navigate a peaceful solution. Is there in fact, one? Can they find unimpeachable proof of the higher legitimacy of one or another claimant? Can they keep other nations from intervening? It’s definitely a story arc for characters of either low level (man on the street perspective) or higher level (influencing the events on a meta level) alike.

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  1. …BUT, would they have such similar names? [grinning] (“Ah yes, the war of the Smith-Smyth. Well known tale. Let me tell you about it.”)

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