Alive, and, well… Well, it

Alive, and, well…

Well, it doesn’t look like I will be connecting MY computer to the internet, per se, considering the layout here as far as phone lines. In actuality I am now on a 28.8k connection…which is going to slow down my output of everything. My plan is to compose stuff on my CPU (once I hook it up, I just got it the other day) and upload stuff via Bonnie’s.
I wrote a recent email to my friends about life here, and somewhat edited, I decided to have it here as well.
C’est la vie. To Bridgette, and Cathy, and the SB people, I beg your indulgence a little longer. Once I get my computer set up and can see my emails, I can truly respond in an orderly fashion, even if it means swapping disks between the two.
California is definitely a very weird world, where u turns are legal, crosswalk buttons actually do work, and grocery stores have end cap displays full of tortillas.
The weather here has been more variable than you might expect, or think, from all of the movies and tv shows. May seems to be a transitional month, and the weather at 9 am and 2 pm can be startlingly different. It takes some getting used to. I’ve passed the written driving test here, almost by accident, but for the nonce only have been riding in cars that Bonnie or her mother have drove, or walked.
Walking here is even more impractical than Staten Island. Buses are few, and the blocks and distances between places is longer than you might think. Two traffic lights, back East, doesn’t sound like much at all. Here, its a hike. I’m sure you all know that I am no stranger to hoofing it, but the sheer space between things is daunting to say the least. I WILL NEED, and WILL, drive.
I’ve gotten a bit of a farmers tan so far, my arms are darker than they have been in a long time. The lower latitude and thus a stronger sun is partly to blame, as well as, once the “marine layer” clears in the morning, it is very sunny here. A couple of days, though, that layer has held throughout the day. It’s strange…back in NYC, the weather generally (except Noreasters and Hurricanes) came roaring TO the ocean where we were. Here, the Ocean is the *source* of the weather patterns. On the evening news, when they do the weather, they show satellite maps of the Pacific Ocean that you never see unless you are a devoted follower of the Weather Channel–because everything that California gets comes from the deep blue sea.
Bonnie and her mother have been helpful and wonderful in helping to get me acclimated to California. We’ve not spent much time together since the initial weekend–Bonnie’s been drowned in work and her classwork, and our relationship really is almost starting from scratch in a sense, building up from a new foundation. Co-habitation, even in her mother’s house, is definitely a new experience for the both of us. With work, faith, love and hope, we will build and grow a lasting, wonderous relationship together here.
I might be a stranger in a strange land, but I continue to learn all I can about the world that I have chosen to drop myself precipitously into. I’m still standing, yeah yeah yeah.