Wednesday Weird: Illness

Claimh Solais: Wednesday Weird #13: The Illness
Nuadha’s latest Wednesday Weird is Illness. How can we make an illness weird and unusual?

Okay, I’m going to use a D20 world, and tie in ideas from Requiem for a God and The Primal Order
The party’s cleric and/or Paladin winds up contracting a mysterious illness that defies curing, either by the players or any other healers. Pockmarking their face, and making them see unnatural old and withered, there seems to be no good explanation–until the PCs visit a temple of the cleric’s faith.
The clerics of the temple, to a (wo)man are also similarly affected by the same disease, and the same stubborness of its incurability.
What’s happening? The PCs’ goddess is under attack by an evil deity whose portfolio includes disease, and so the reflection of that battle is affecting the PCs.
So what can they do? They can help, of course, and the beauty is that no matter what the PCs level, there is something they can accomplish
–Low level PCs can be sent to take out an evil wandering cleric of the evil deity and his minions
–Higher level PCs can be charged with purifying a temple of this evil deity. This purification would be probably best accomplished by razing it to the ground…
–Even higher level PCs can take a more active role in the actual fight, journeying to the scene of the fight and aiding their deity by taking on equally matched minions of her foe, or raiding the evil deities’ home plane in order to weaken and distract him.