Thirteen things I miss about NYC

Inspired by Ginger’s post about missing Houston, I will provide thirteen things that I miss about New York City.

1. Food
Real New York bagels, crispy on the outside, soft inside. Brueggers is all right, but its not quite the same. Nathan’s hot dogs. Gyro from a cart on the street (although Holy Land is VERY good…). Sicilian style Pizza. Good rye bread.
2. Museums
The Twin cities have some good ones, but they can’t compare to the Museum of Natural History or the MET. There’s nothing like the Cloisters or the Tibetian Art Museum or the S.I. Chinese Scholar’s Garden, either.
Yes, I miss subways. The light rail here is…ok, its better than Los Angeles’ one at any rate. But I miss the ability to cross town easily and comfortably with a book. Even with the smells and the unusual denizens of the underground
4.The Strand used bookstore in the Village.
5.The Angelika. I saw the weirdest independent films there, and there doesn’t seem to be a Minneapolis equivalent.
6 The Compleat Strategist game store
–Although the Source is a damn good substitute for it, though. But then, again, there is nothing like Jim Henley’s here, either.
7.The Staten Island Ferry
I’ve not ridden a water vehicle since leaving New York. I’d love it if they had a water taxi from Minneapolis to St. Paul. I’d ride it.
8. Coney Island
Yeah, its dorky, but still, its a rite of passage to visit Coney Island, have a Nathan’s hot dog, ride the dangerously unrepaired rides.
9. Skyscrapers
There are no such tall buildings here. If you transplanted the Empire State Building here, it would dwarf everything.
10.Times Square (not on New Year’s Eve).
The people, the stuff. It’s come a long way from its seedy past.
They call it “Pop” here and give me strange looks when I don’t.
12. The Ocean
Lake Superior looks like an ocean…but the smell isn’t right. No salt in the air.
13.The friends I left behind, and the friends I’ve discovered and become better friends which live or have moved to the “tri-state area”.

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  1. Too right about the salt smell of the ocean. I’m in Buffalo, and although we get the smell of the Lake Erie sometimes, it’s not quite right. An interesting smell that we do get, sometimes, is a malty sweet scent from the Cheereos plant.

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