Well, I now have a

Well, I now have a dilaipidated 14″ monitor. Its not pretty but it works…and so my computer (even if it is not connected to the internet) is back in buisness. The funny thing is, and Bonnie’s mother noticed it in conjunction with Bonnie, that my desire to spend endless amounts of time on the internet has decreased significantly. One of the prime causes of that (Looking for Bonnie) has been eliminated.
Ive discovered the bus system here makes the poor one back on Staten Island seem like paradise. Buses here during the day can be as infrequent as every HOUR, on weekdays. Old cord style bell ringers and a lack of seats completes the rather dismal experience of riding them. That, and the fact that the number of sidewalks and crosswalks are less than what should be make it a fact–you truly have to drive here to do ANYTHING. The nearest major grocery store is more than a mile and a half away.