Escape from the Universe

SFSignal: Those Krazy Physicists
SFSignal points us to an excerpt/adaptation from Michio Kaku’s Parallel Worlds, talking about how an advanced civilization might flee into another universe.

Jp also asks for mentions of SF novels which deal with a similar theme. As a fan of parallel worlds and such in SF, I have a laundry list…
Stephen Baxter has his Manifold series, which deals with a number of alternate dimensions and timeframes in each novel, and even a planet-sized mechanism to travel between each in the third installment.
Baxter’s Xeelee series book Ring uses a massive artifact as a gateway to higher realms. His Xeelee world story “Reality Dust” (in Futures: Four Novellas) uses the concept on a much smaller scale.
Greg Egan is also good for this type of thing, Diaspora involves finding a route to higher dimensions as an escape route. Permutation City uses the concept, too, looking at it from another angle. And Schild’s Ladder involves a liveable baby universe intruding onto our own…
One of the commenters on the entry at SFsignal mentions Benford’s Cosm. I haven’t read that one myself, I’ve stopped reading Benford after his “Cut and paste” approach to writing his Foundation novel.
Greg Bear’s Way Books (Eon, Eternity) involve that interdimensional structure which has connections to many other dimensions and alternate worlds. Of course, that can be a two edged sword…since sufficiently advanced civilizations can come into the Way and discover it for themselves. There is also a Way story in Silverberg’s Far Horizons anthology.