A 28.8k connection is NOT

A 28.8k connection is NOT conductive to frequent use…either it be email, surfing the web, designing webpages, or working on this ol’ blog.
Plus, its been a busy few days, again.
Let’s see…more driving practice–and even my very first solo. It was successful, I might add.
Weather here is getting warm again, it seems to be like the waves, slope upward, and then slope downward, back and forth like a rhythm. Not much rain to speak of. No wonder people love the Mediterranean climate.
I ran a one-shot Amber scenario Sunday for Bonnie and our friend Sandie…Bonnie’s first live game in over a year, and Sandie’s first live Amber game, period. It was pretty fun, dusted off one of my old ideas (Fimbulwinter) about a misunderstanding, really more of an orchestrated conflict between Amber and Chaos by a third party. It is one of the ideas I’ve had in my “idea jar” for running at Ambercons. I, and they, enjoyed it and it felt good to GM live for the first time since the Con.
Speaking of need, I need to get on over to Beter Noire and download some stuff so that I can work on some letters. I owe them. I’ve done all right in doing SB turns, and turns for AOR and ROP, but that is something I need to make my voice heard. Its just a pain to surf the net in slow motion. Broadband made me into a spoiled brat that way.