Two AH divergences I’ve never heard of

Mark A. R. Kleiman: Scenarios for alternative histories
Mark Kleiman, seen via Brad De Long, mentions a couple of Alternate History Divergences I’d never thought of before.
I was not aware that Columbus sent his brother to the court of Henry VII, and I was not aware that, but for pirates, Columbus might have accepted Henry’s offer rather than waiting for Isabella and Ferdinand to finish off the Moors.
An AH where England discovers the New World first, and gets rich off of Central American Gold would be a very different place.
Sounds like a perfect timeline for GURPS Time Travel/Infinite Worlds, doesn’t it?
The little bit about Cromwell nearly going to Massachusetts rather than staying in England is a neat one, too.
I don’t know of any author who has used these divergences, and Uchronia has nothing on these turning points either.