One of things being discussed

One of things being discussed around a bit on the blog circuit is superheroes, jedis and, well, sex and romance.
You will have to highlight the text below to read this, because it does contain spoiler information.

In Spiderman, Peter Parker in the end, decides not to return Mary Jane’s love, even though it is clear that he has feelings for her. Its almost a strange superhero celibacy that Arref and a couple of others have commented on thanks to a few articles floating about. In Attack of the Clones, its implied Jedi cannot have such relations, either…even if Anakin winds up breaking this sort of code to spend time with Amidala.
However, according to an article on, Lucas has a slightly more nuanced view:
Celebrity News: 16th May 2002
Jedis Can Have Sex, Says Lucas
…Lucas says it’s romance, rather than hanky panky, which is banned by the Jedi code. He says, “Jedi Knights aren’t celibate – the thing that is forbidden is attachments – and possessive relationships.”
So, Jedi’s can sleep around, but can’t call the girl (or guy!) the next day?