New Nickel

As you might have heard on NPR (or somewhere else, I heard about it at work in the last month or so, displays up, too), a brand new nickel is debuting this week from the US Treasury.

Its a hybrid of the Jefferson and the Buffalo Nickel, with both sides redesigned. You will note from the picture (and when you handle one, the Treasury is making a billion of these babies) that the rim is smaller than most coins, and the portrait of Jefferson faces opposite the current nickel’s configuration.
Oh, and the “Liberty” is not only in cursive, but its taken from Jefferson’s own handwriting style, too.

2 thoughts on “New Nickel”

  1. yep, cool.
    However I am a traditionalist. Get the preznits off the coinage and get Liberty back where she belongs. That cult of personality stuff is so early 20th century,..

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