Driving Most everyone takes it


Most everyone takes it for granted, except for Geologists, who probably take it for granite. For years, fear, mainly, has stunted my natural development and growth. Only in the last couple of years have I actually obtained my driving license. And only since I have arrived in sunny California have I actually driven without driving instructors, on my own.
Today marked another milestone. While yesterday was significant in that I drove a fair distance (Santa Ana to Placentia) in a futile quest for a job, I drove that solely on surface roads. Today, I drove to the Laguna Hills Mall to meet an acquaintance of Jean’s who might have a lead on a job with her kiosk/store, THINGS REMEMBERED. I drove there and back, by using the 405 and 5 Freeways.
I will pause here a second for those of you who know me well to recover from fainting, falling down and other reactions. Yes, I, Paul, have driven on freeways and lived to tell the tale. I topped off at a blistering 70 MPH at one point.
As for the job, the lady passed on my application and such up to her supervisor, so we will see what happens. The acquaintance, Bev, made a good point in saying that its oftentimes easier to get a job once you have one. Perhaps this will serve as a stepping stone to a better and more fiscally renumerating job. Right now, though, make no mistake, I want a job, period. One step at a time. The hurdle, the monkey-on-my-back, has to be overcome, expunged.