IRE #15: Troop Go Home

Our fifteenth IRE revolves around the events in Lebanon, as Syria, which has long held the country under its military thumb, seems to be sincere about its plans to reduce and withdraw its military presence.
When the armies go home, what happens next?

I could be funny and set this in a Star Trek Universe, because the withdrawal of the Cardassians from Bajor is one of the starting points of Deep Space Nine. Too, the withdrawal of the Centauri from Narn a hundred years before the events of Babylon 5 show that there is lots of meat and mileage in this idea.
In point of fact, one of my ACUS games, Royal Legacy, is revolving a bit around this idea. After the death of King Oberon, one of his personal fiefs, a tropical island shadow, is clamoring for independence and freedom for its future.
Who rises to power in the face of such a withdrawal? How does the formerly occupying power deal with the fact that its troops have left this distant land they have held so long and now have been given “the bum’s rush”? In the ACUS game, the players are from Amber, and must come to terms and deal with the desires of independence for this nation, but the game could easily be done from the point of view of the Islanders.

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  1. IRE#15: We’re Outta Here

    In reference to the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, Paul asks, “What happens when the [occupying] troops go home?”
    If you look at history, more often than not the answer is “a civil war.” In my version of this game, the characters would be soldie…

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