IRE #16: The Revolutionary Document

NPR : Albert Einstein’s Year of Miracles: Light Theory

Today, March 17th marks the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s completion of the first of his major papers that would revolutionize physics forever. So even with the recent Ides of March, I am choosing Einstein’s papers as the inspiration for the latest IRE

One might say that the creation of the Pattern in Amber is an example of fulfilling the IRE. Dworkin’s theory and radical experiment changed his universe forever, certainly.
In my example, let’s take a D20 style world. Rumors abound of a lost scroll in an ancient city, alive or dead. (in the Forgotten Realm, the city of the shades might work here). Said scroll is said to contain something not seen for ages, something revolutionary–a spell above the highest power known to the sages of the day. An 11th level spell…
The search and battle for such a scroll would be for high level characters and probably take a great deal of campaign time, especially if the rumors drag them on a long, epic quest.
And even if the characters find it–there will be others wanting it from them. And what do they DO with such a revolutionary thing?