Lunchtime Poll 18: Alternative History

Ravings of a Textual Deviant � Lunchtime Poll #18: Not in Kansas
Li asks:
What alternate-historical setting would you most like to play in, and why?
Damn to Li to pick my favorite SF sub-genre. The choices are broad, and even given that, some of my favorites have been scooped up.

Li herself mentions Stirling’s Nantucket books which would be a lot of fun. Ginger mentions the Agent of Byzantium series, again, Turtledove is one of my favorites. She also mentions the Kay novels, like Tigana or the Sarantine Mosaic.
But beyond just me-tooing the two ladies, I’d like to try a game set in the Roma Aeterna of the Silverberg stories (or the world of Hannibal’s children). If we can throw a fantasy alternate universe in there a la Kay, the Videssos novels of Turtledove are a strong choice for me.
Beyond those, the magic and intrigue of the world of Shadow of the Lion would also appeal. And although Ginger didn’t like it anywhere near as much as I did (but admitted to wanting a GURPS module for it), the fantasy-alternate history world of Kushiel’s Dart and its sequels would be wonderful to explore.

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