IRE #17: BP Oil

With a whirlwind of events large and small happening around the world big and small (Schaivo, revolution in Kyrgyzstan, March madness, Good Friday, and the Solstice), I’ve thought long and hard about this week’s IRE. Many of the possibilities this week overlap a little too much with some of the previous ones.
So I will go with the BP Oil Refinery Blast.

A center for an important resource goes boom. I’m thinking I could set this as an ACUS game in Chaos. The Helgrams, sorcerers supreme, have control, in the already dangerous Black Zone, of a mana fount, an independent source of power, a primal realm long within the aegis of Chaos.
The Helgrams like to use this area for magical tests and experiments that are frankly too dangerous to do in Chaos, for a variety of reasons. What if one of those experiments goes horribly wrong. The PCs can be any number of groups–sent by an opposing House to see if they can make hay of it, or perhaps agents of the Emperor to investigate it, or Helgrams sent to contain the damage.
Any number of things could be waiting for them…magical experiments gone awry and now released, or perhaps the fabric of spacetime has weakened enough to allow horrors from the deep to seep into the universe…

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