What Book turned me into an SF Fan

SFSignal: What Book Turned You Into a Science Fiction Fan?
Over on SFSignal, there is a question posed, “What book(S) turned you into a SF fan.” John’s answers are the usual suspects.

As for mine, the first SF novels that I read, as I have mentioned in other threads, made me a fan early. Lord of the Rings. Vance. Asimov. Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles. Amber.
With such fare, was there any chance I was going to love any other literature than the fantastic?

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  1. John Wyndham. The Midwich Cuckoos – The Day of the Triffids – The Chrysalids – Chocky.
    That’s for the SF. Fantasy probably pre-dated it.
    Narnia was my first fantasy, but it came at about the same time as the novels of E.Nesbit (an Edwardian writer). Some of hers – such as The Railway Children and The Story of the Treasure Seekers are excellent family sagas. But she lifts it into fantasy with books like The Phoenix and the Carpet, Five Children and It, The Enchanted Castle etc etc.

  2. Invaders From Rigel by Fletcher Pratt in 1975 was first. Midworld by Alan Dean Foster also in ’75. Wasn’t until we moved to a new apartment in 1977 that Jvstin and I were real close to a fondly remembered used book store that I really got bit by the f/sf bug.

  3. Oddly, I can’t remember whether it was ‘R is for Rocket’ or ‘Martian Chronicles’… but by far, the influence was ‘Martian Chronicles’.

  4. Hm. Don’t think I had so much choice about becoming an SF fan. I have traumatic memories of my parents trying to read “The Hobbit” to me when I was 4 years old. (They had to stop, because I thought it was too scary.)
    I’d say the first fantasy book that hooked me was “Farmer Giles of Ham”. For the SF, I think Clarke’s “Dolphin Island” was my start. (Which is not very SFy, but still.)

  5. What is SF? I don’t think I have tried that. Is that stir fry? Can I get that with a side of rice? and egg rolls? Does it contain brocolli, I like that. Are you going to answer after you get back from vacation.

  6. My first SF books were Isaac and Janet Asimov’s “Norby” juvie series. I was six.
    Fantasy started later, maybe around 7 or 8, with endless rereadings “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Hobbit”.
    So you can say I cut my teeth on classic SF. Literally.

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