Ire #18: Sic Transit Papem

Our latest IRE (I missed last week thanks to ACUS) will acknowledge the 800 pound elephant in the news; the death of Pope John Paul II.
So, the death of a major religious figure. How do you figure it into a game?

I’m going to go a quantum leap above the Pope, and borrow from Monte Cook’s Requiem for a God, with pinches of GURPS Religion and The Primal Order
What if a deity passed away in a campaign? Let’s use a generic fantasy setting.
I like the evil idea of having multiple deities pass on. First, a demigod, some minor deity that the player characters have never heard of. After a couple of months of game time, raise the stakes a little, to a minor God that the PCs have had need to deal with in some fashion. Take away a second minor Goddess, more powerful than the first, and the panic and confusion will make for “Interesting Times”.
Even high Powered PCs would be hard pressed to find and stop the Godskiller.

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