Another fine morning. With the

Another fine morning.
With the Ambercon notice going out, I have to start thinking about scenarios and such to run. I think that I definitely want to run something solo, and perhaps
in concert with someone else (Felicia turned out to be a hell of a good co-GM…I’m sure Bonnie could, if she got the urge…Bridgette might not have enough time, but she is going a hell of a job with AOR in email.)
My choices that I have come up with to run so far are:
1. Gwyddbwyll. I ran it in email, I could run it for real. I’d change some things, but it could be done. I know the setting very well and it has been shaken down.
2. A continuation of Into the Depths, for Deb, Bridgette, Bonnie, and the others I roped into that impromptu setting. It was sufficiently freeform that I could set just about anything I wanted into it, given that of course the unusual nature of Bonnie’s PC and the implications of what Corwin’s realm is like based on the fact that she’s his daughter.
3. Status Quo Ante Bellum. One of my big ideas…the idea that, at the end of Patternfall, while Amber’s army is assaulting Chaos, a Chaos expeditionary force from a somewhat disreputable house manages to conquer the city of Rebma…and holds it. Now, in the post Patternfall War world…Amber wants them out, Chaos wants them out (on the grounds that they did it without even tacit approval and that Amber might take out their frustration on Chaos again)…and Rebma…well, some of Rebma actually likes the new autonomy given the City, with a change of administration. So, its a multisided, intrigued filled setting…but its definitely not like Murky Waters, that Rebma Throne War.
More ideas will probably surface as the time nears.