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In addition to the links above, herein follows my own view of TBR, The Black Road, 2005

As much fun as I had at my first TBR experience (last year), this year nearly reached that same high standard.
I GMed only 2 games this year, leaving me three slots in which to get some roleplaying in.
Slot 1:
Trading Spaces, by Bridgette and Deb.
Young Elders, trapped in time and space! After some horsetrading for who was to be whom, I picked Benedict. The Gms needed someone to be Benedict for plot reasons and I think I did admirably. Although his knacks and item (every PC was allowed to pick 3 of the former and one of the latter) did not come in play, Benedict got to meet a sister that never-quite-was-but-is-now, a niece, and tried to keep the other elders on course.
Highlight of the game: Stunning the entire room by having 17 year old Benedict give his hitherto unknown sister Arwen a hug.
There will be a sequel, and I will be more than happy to reprise the role.
Slot 2:
More than You think you Are.
My first game GMing at the con was my experiment in a Nobilis/Amber cross. It was definitely a rough alpha/beta test, since there were some flaws in my execution and the plot. However, even given that, I managed to give good value for money, picking the Estates the PCs were ennobleled with judiciously. Highlight of the game: Raven taking pot shots at her imperator to be, while Maya kept attempting to use her preternatural skill with the blade to skewer her.
Slot 3: Tales of the Regency: A Piece of the Action.
With four players choosing children of Bleys (3 avowed as being full siblings) and one straight woman, the plot indeed was destined to take a left turn at Dumarqueurque, as Ginger mentions. Even given that, I step up to the plate when improvisation as a GM is needed, and I had a lot of fun, as did my players.
Once again, though, too much plot. I overplot my games with regularity and this game had plenty of stuff unseen and undone. I based much of this on the Krishna novels of DeCamp, complete with green skinned buxom women, and fierce men, interested in martial prowess.
Highlight of the game: Alexandra facing off against a shadow nasty in an arena, as her compatriots in the stands pull Rinaldo out of the clutches of his controlling mother Jasra.
Slot 4: Le Cygne: Ghost Ship.
I’ve always wanted to play in House of Cards, have been a lurker for quite a long time in fact. This was my second chance to play with the Hivemind as GMs, and my first time with them running Amberway (or a version thereof).
I had a lot of fun. Playing a recently picked up shipwrecker survivor (with his brother), I carried over the flowery erudition and verbosity of the Krishnans into my character here. A non thinking character whose big skills were strength and swordplay, his unthinking nature got him into trouble on at least one occassion, and he was far more fun to play than I had originally feared. I’d love to bring him back on a future Le Cygne adventure.
Highlight of the Game: A confrontation over breakfast where secrets were let out, and a surprise person stepped forward with the solution to the problem trapping us in the Necromancer’s domain.
Slot 5: A Common Disaster.
Deb brought her PBEM/ACUS Game to TBR for a run, importing a couple of players to run NPCs while the rest of us played our standard characters.
Martin and Merlin grew to a new mutual understanding of themselves (and a new Power!), Gabriel and co. found Rhiannon, Corwin and his gang managed to stabilize Tir, and Cadmus “Got the Girl.” All in all, a lot of fun and a great last slot for the con.
In between, and past the games, socialization at the con varied from yak sessions in Deb and Ginger’s room, playing Catan with Kris, Kevin and Jeff (and all of us getting whipped by Kevin), dinner at the Steakhouse where I got to meet Rikibeth for the first time, and other miscellanous things like breakfast.
It was wonderful to see everyone, and I came back from the con energized for my RP, and with ideas for con slots in the future, as well as my own games and characters.

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