Book Reviews 2005 (33)

A Classic of Science Fiction, finally floated to the top of my reading pile. (After finally getting a copy at ACUS thanks to the generosity of Deb).
Zenna Henderson’s Book of the People.

Pilgrimage: the book of the people ([Doubleday science fiction]) by Zenna Henderson
A seminal work of science fiction, the stories in Book of the People depict psionic human-like refugees from another world, trying to survive in the early to mid 20th century Southwest.
Haunting, evocative, poignant and well written. Henderson’s stories show that science fiction is not just ray guns and rocket ships, arcologies and orbital space stations.
I can see how this, along with Rites of Passage, were and are seminal influences upon my friend Deb and her writing even to this day.
Highly Recommended
Ingathering: The Complete People Stories of Zenna Henderson is apparently an omnibus of *all* of her People stories, not just the ones I found in this volume. After reading Pilgrimage, I know that I want a copy.