Book Reviews 2005 (34)

A Zelazny pair of classics, in one Volume.
Wizard World, which contains the two Pol Detson novels: Changeling and Madwand

WIZARD WORLD (Changeling and Madwand Omnibus) by Roger Zelazny

The themes of Zelazny’s Amber novels have been explored in other Zelazny novels, including this pair, telling the story of Pol Detson, a man severed from his birth world, only to return to it and his true power.
The limits of power, conflict on large scales, magic, heroism, room for heroes of all sizes (Mouseglove only has his wits and a gun, but he saves the day when Pol needs it).
Science versus Magic. Magic versus inhuman, alien Magic. Coming into one’s abilities.
A ripping good read that I think I’ve read before and don’t remember, because parts of the book were awfully familiar, and some things that have crept into my roleplaying characters and games show up here.
Granted, some of the weaknesses in Zelazny’s novels are found here, particularly as regards the treatment (and lack of) female characters.
If you don’t feel like going through all of the Amber novels and still want a taste of Zelazny at his cross-world best, pick up Pol Detson’s stories.

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  1. I recently reread Changeling, and couldn’t enjoy it at all because of the ridiculous characterisation of the woman. I ended up giggling the whole way through because it was just so silly. There was absolutely no logic to what the chick did, and practically her entire character could be summed up with ‘oooh, big strong man’ *twirls hair*. Also there was way too much stuff happening just because it was convenient, rather than because it made any sense at all. I like my lack of logic in stories a little better hidden. Ah well.

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