Book Reviews 2005 (43-45)

A bit of a change, this review focuses on the audiobooks the Olsons and I listened to on the way to and from Yellowstone Park.
Those who know Scott Olson or have read this blog extensively will not be surprised that the books we listened to were unabridged editions of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers.

The books were narrated by Rob Inglis, a Shakespearean Actor, who reads the books verbatim, doing all of the voices of the characters.
His elocution is excellent, and the books are engaging in this format. For a 2000 mile round-trip journey, the miles went by much easier listening to the adventures from Bilbo all the way to the end of the Two Towers. Had we not reached home, we would have continued into the Return of the King, whose quality, I am sure, matches the quality of these books.
Since the books are unabridged, I feel justified in adding them into my list of books read for the year.
They are available online at The unabridged (“Library”) editions are pricey, as the Olsons warned me, but if you are a fan of Tolkien and are going to take a long driving trip or else have the time to listen to the audiobooks and want the full, unabridged text, then I commend this version to you.
Highly Recommended