Characters channeling other Characters

While I might not have voices in my head to equal those of, say, my good friend Deb Atwood, I do have some strong archetypes of characters.
In a recent post, one of my characters, Marcus, in Bridgette’s Age of Retribution drew on an old character of mine that some readers of this Blog will remember very well–the charming, seductive diplomat Scipio.
A relevant excerpt follows.

“Not at all.” Her tone is diplomatic rather than warm, but she knows
exactly what they are talking about. “But what brings you to Moire’s
Court this morning?”
“If I were a polished courtier.” Marcus smiles, thinking on his
adventures. “and employed mainly by Amber in that capacity, I would
say that I came to Moire’s Court to see the finest of the fairer
gender of Rebma, in terms of power and regalness, as well as beauty.
Like you, Lady. Were that the tides did not move for anyone, the
tides, I think, would bow before you. As would any personage lucky
enough to find special favor in the brightness of your eyes.” Marcus
gives a Rebman bow to Nemonie, a sincere gesture.
“Alas, my buisness here is not of honeyed words and whispered promises
this morning.” Marcus continues.
“I thought to seek the ear of her Majesty in dark matters that I was
involved in, and uncovered last night, but barring her appearance,
given your considerable power, influence and strength here in the City
Under the Sea, if you, Lady, would hear what I have to say, I would
give it unto you and first.” Marcus bows again.