Games are supposed to be fun

What She Really Thinks – I don’t think that aerobic narr post on 20×20 is coming for a while
On her LJ, Ginger talks about aerobic narr, and reluctance to post on 20×20 room about it, considering the wonkishness and design-oriented focus of recent posts there.

Games are supposed to be fun, at their core, aren’t they?
Dress up in GNS theory, negotiate contracts, kickers, and all of it as much as you like. Roll dice, go diceless, use Everway cards. Eliminate the GM and go with the players doing it all a la C.A.P.E.S. Rotate duties a la Polaris. Put in Instincts and Beliefs as core up front Develop at Start a la Burning Wheel.
In the end, its supposed to be fun. That’s why I play the games. Life is too short not to have fun playing the games, and its definitely too d*mned short to take crap from people who get too wrapped up in the minutae of the hobby to see that.
That latter bit refers to some people on the aforementioned 20×20 room being an ass to others in comments on sometimes arcane points, and sometimes just plain rudeness.
I am not a game designer, and I admit that I don’t understand GNS theory as much as I’d like to, more to understand the vocabulary rather than to design a game. I am not that interested in designing mechanics. Milieu and story, now, that is something that far more interests me than designing game systems. I admit to some interest in some of the things that, say, Polaris or Dogs in the Vineyard are doing, as far as mechanics, but that seems to be tied into telling a story in a new way rather than playing with mechanics for the sake of same.
It is probably one reason why I buy GURPS world books and take ideas from it, when I’ve very rarely ever played the system GURPS. Its why I buy RPGs that I might never play, to get inspired on things other than “roll and keep” or “dice pools” or anything of that nature. And its FUN.