NYG 27 Kansas City 17

NFL.com – Kansas City at New York Game Recap
A game that I thought they were going to lose for sure, but my Giants have made it to the 10 win plateau this year, something else I didn’t expect. (I would have been expecting 8-8 this year, frankly).
I still don’t like Manning’s inconsistency and tendency to throw picks, especially at the worst possible time (there was a near-interception this game that was tailor made to fit that bill). But what can one say except Tiki, Tiki, Tiki? Breaking the Giants single-game rushing record? The most yards out of a single running back since 2003? Sure, a lot of it was Kansas City not being able to tackle to save their lives, but Barber has to get SOME credit.
Now, the Giants are a win away from the division title…and if they win both of their games and Chicago or Carolina falter, they will get the first round bye they need to have any chance at the NFC Championship.