Found a neat new font

Found a neat new font over at Aenigma fonts, which seem to be specializing in outre and strange fonts more suited to graphics than to ordinary day to day use on
documents. The entangled font, as you can see, now is in a graphic on the top of this page.
System is getting back to normal slowly…installing software is a long chore at best. I have imagestyler back working, as witness the graphic creation, and we will see what else I need to do in the coming days.
Bridgette offered, discussing Amber again, to co-run Gwyddbwyll with me. After all, she “won” the game when I ran it in email,and understands perhaps better than anyone but me just what the heck goes on. It’s an offer I will give serious thought.
I also remembered an idea that I had for a “hawaii” sort of scenario. Not the islands themselves, per se, but the politics, dealings and repercussions of events which are analogous to the history of US relations with Hawaii, and how we literally stole the islands from their rightful rulers. It’s a story that doesn’t make the history textbooks that often, I am sad to say.