The Milky Way’s Spunky Kid sister

Via Cosmic Log : The Milky Way’s little sister
Many of you have heard of Andromeda, the larger twin to the Milky Way Galaxy, 2.2 million light years away, or so. Or at least you’ve seen pictures. Being the closest large galaxy, there are lots of photos of Andromeda. And, heck, its even in a Star Trek (TOS) Episode.
But have you heard about the Milky Way’s spunky kid sister? M 33, the spiral Triangulum Galaxy, lies a little further away than Andromeda, 2.4 million light years away. It probably has about 10-40 billion stars, which sounds like a lot, but is really only about 5-10% of the Milky Way’s 200-400 billion, and a lot less than the estimated 1 trillion stars of Andromeda.
A thumbnail of M33 which has a link to a larger picture to it is in the extended entry. Go take a look at the Miky Way’s spunky kid sister!