Game IRE #27: Lets go to the Theater

My newest idea for an IRE is a piece of local news. The dominant force in Twin Cities Theater, the Guthrie Theater, has moved into a spectacular new space right on the river in downtown Minneapolis.
I see plenty of game possibilities in a new theater opening…

Since I am starting a co-run Nobilis game starting today, Nobilis is on my mind. The opening of a major new theater in a city is going to draw the attention of many Nobilis of different stripes and factions–the Nobilis of Plays or Theater, certainly. Ananda, as the Imperator who oversees Cities, might send emissaries. The spirits of the city itself, or the neighborhood, are liable to have opinions on the new Theater’s presence.
And then there is of course those who would see the new theater fail..spectacularly.
The PCs themselves could wind up mixed up in this in a number of ways. Their chancel could have an exit close by the theater, and be drawn into matters purely on geographical grounds. One of them might have an estate positively or adversely affected by the new theater. (The Power of Blight and Slums, for example, will not like it one bit…). Or the PCs might be drawn into it to steal a march on their rivals or possible allies. One of the PCs, for instance might convince the others to come with him to the opening because she has been secretly romancing the Power of Theater.