The Power of Google and this Blog

Having gotten a comment on my book review of Elemental, and a mention on Naomi Novik’s LJ about my review of her book, its clear that the power of Google does allow my Book reviews on BJS to have a wider audience than they might already have.
It doesn’t mean that I am going to turn into the next Harriet Klausner and post positive reviews for every book I read in the hopes of getting hits and readership. If you read my last entry about Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, you will see that I am not afraid to say that I didn’t like a book–no matter how many awards it wins or how much praise it gets.
Readership can be a very idiosyncratic experience, and one man’s favorite novel can be drivel for another. (The Lord of the Rings is the best example I can think of with this phenonemon).