Had an idea for breaking

Had an idea for breaking the deadlock in my mind for the story that I keep trying to do for Marcus–the murder mystery. I think I know now just who did the murder, and why and how Marcus might solve it. I also have figured that the Weir love interest could be fostered on him by a combination of a lack of sleeping quarters plus the peculiarities of the female Weir heat cycle (stealing that from a great short story I read on ASSM by Desdmona).
I just have to sit down and write the thing at some point. I feel its close…almost at that point where I can do nothing BUT write it. Otherwise the game is pretty quiet…created a graphic for the leaflet with the events of the Festival of the Unicorn. I hint that in years pass that there were even more events but the current year is reduced…Omphalian invasions can put dampers on a lot of things.