What is China?

Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal: What Is China?
Brad De Long links to an essay by Robert Reich (which I recall hearing on NPR some weeks ago) where he talks about the nature of China.
I remember a conversation with my brother just around the time of Tianamen Square massacre. His conviction was that China was on its way to a Democracy. I disagreed.
I could only wish that he were right and I were wrong, but time has seemingly proved me right. We’re still in the midst of the Mao Dynasty.

One thought on “What is China?”

  1. I’m really not too worried about China, for a simple reason: the Chinese are not reproducing themselves. 30% of the population of Shanghai is already over 60, and the Chinese will soon have a higher median age thanwe do. By about 2030, their population will be dropping, it will be older than ours, and it will be aging real fast.
    This is not the material from which conquering hordes are made.

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