Drought, Drought, Drought

Well, the Great White North is now in the worst drought they have seen up here since 1988 (long before I moved up here, of course).
The Mississippi is at its lowest levels in the same time period. From my window at work, I can see exposed shoreline that I couldn’t see last summer. Water restrictions abound, and crops are taking a major hit.
One interesting thing that I’ve learned from this drought, though, is that most of the cities along the Mississippi get their water from the river. Back in New York City, getting water from the Hudson was impossible because of the pollution and the estuarine flow of salt water up the river. So, it came from hundreds of miles away, up in the Catskills. And of course, when I lived in So. California, water came from hundreds of miles away, from the Owens River and Colorado River flows.
This is the first time that the source of water for where I live has actually been local.