Goodbye to Guardians of Order

RPG Blog: R.I.P., Guardians of Order
Guardians of Order, publishers of games including Nobilis, the new Tekumel, the Game of Thrones RPG and others, is shutting down operations.
I am an acquaintance of Mark’s (through the Amber gaming circuit of course) and so I hope he gets through this madness with his sanity intact. I also wonder what exactly will happen to the properties currently held by GOO, from Nobilis to GOT, to, of course, Amber.

One thought on “Goodbye to Guardians of Order”

  1. Guardians doesn’t necessarily own the things people believe they own. Here’s our formal statement on Tekumel (executive summary “Guardians never owned it anyway”):
    The Tekumel: Empire of the Petal Throne design team is working on arrangements to keep the game in print. T:EPT is not in a typical RPG industry situation: Guardians of Order does not own it, and it will not become a casualty of their problems. Please be patient as we finalize things; we will tell you as soon as we can.
    — The T:EPT Design Team

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