Book Reviews 2006 (36)

My thirty sixth book of the year is my fourth Pratchett novel of the year, and the 16th Pratchett novel overall, Soul Music.

Soul Music
Soul Music is another “Death” novel, that is, featuring the character of Death in the Discworld, the man with the scythe who speaks IN ALL CAPITALS. To be more precise, it focuses on his granddaughter, Susan Sto Helit, and the necessity of her taking up the family business when Death goes missing. It also is a riff on “Music with Rocks in It”, as Imp Celyn the Bard comes to Ankh-Morpork and revolutionizes the music scene with a very special guitar…
I didn’t like Soul Music as much as other Discworld novels because of its derivative nature and the relatively tenuous connection between its two plots. The music plot is clearly a different jazz riff on the strange “moving pictures” of the epynomous novel, and the head of Unseen University even mentions the events of that prior novel as evidence that something is askew in Ankh-Morpork. Some characters were frankly far more interesting to me, than others, and so I read the book quickly and lingered more over, say, the wizards than what Death was doing when he was AWOL. Still, there are plenty of puns, and a lot of musical references, as warrants a book that satirizes modern music.
Still, a middling Discworld novel, especially by this point in Pratchett’s career and the level of his craft is and was still entertaining. I was just hoping for something better.

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  1. I never liked _Soul Music_, although I liked Susan. I guess it just suffered like _The Warlock Rock_ did, in jokes that were almost funny. [shrugs] I just reread _The Fifth Elephant_ last night (and will reread _Thud_ again tonight) and yeah, some of the Discworld novels? Ehh. Some of them? “OMG!”

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